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    Good morning! Happy Saturday! Here’s my second post for GNC’s “Total Lean Challenge.” For this one, I was asked to share my favorite kind of cardio exercise, which, I’m sure you already know, is CrossFit. I’m a tad in love with it! Since I love CrossFit so much, I decided to create a CrossFit-inspired workout […]



    For the past several weeks, I’ve taken Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder after all of my workouts for post-workout recovery and to help heal the epithelial cells in my small intestine. (GNC sent me some Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder as part of a program with Fitfluential.) When I visited my G.I. doctor a couple of weeks ago, […]



    Yay! I did it! I achieved my goal for the Paleo Challenge: 12 (consecutive) Kipping Pull-ups!!! Ok, so now that I achieved my goal for the Paleo Challenge, I’m officially cashing it in with the diet part of it. I was never super strict with the diet to begin with (hence, the peanut butter, French […]


    GNC Probiotics Giveaway

    October 25, 2012


    Here’s your chance to win some probiotics from GNC and make your digestive system happy! A few weeks ago, my friends at GNC sent me a whole bunch of probiotics to try out. I’m already taking VSL#3 (recommend by my doctor) for my ulcerative colitis, so I’m all set in the probiotics department. I didn’t want […]



    For the past two days, I’ve heard non-stop jack-hammering. Mal dislikes the huge rock in our front yard (he thinks it’s annoying to mow around), so we hired some guys to remove it, but it’s turned into a much bigger project than expected. Hence, the non-stop jack-hammering. Of course, Murphy is closely “supervising” the project. The […]


    Travel WOD: 10.7.12

    October 9, 2012


    Hi, friends! I’m home! Hooray! Mal and I only exercised one day on our vacation, but it was a great workout (short and sweet) with especially beautiful scenery. Together, we created a 15-minute, CrossFit-inspired workout (AMRAP 15) that we did outside on the morning of the wedding. (I love that you can WOD anywhere!) The […]


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    Good morning! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend! Friday On Friday afternoon, Murphy and I drove to Fenway Park for the 1000 Pugs photo shoot. We arrived right on time and then met the photographer, Amanda, who spent a solid 20 minutes photographing Murphy. He was a natural. And highly motivated […]