• Foodbuzz Festival


    Hi, guys!!! I had an outstanding Sunday tasting wines in Sonoma, but my full recap will have to wait until the morning. My comfy bed is calling my name! Despite drinking a few cocktails and staying up late last night, I somehow managed to meet Kath, Shannon, and Quinn for a morning run. I was […]



    Wow, oh, wow. What a night!!! My brain is still spinning! Tonight’s dinner was put on by Outstanding In The Field and was held in the Greenleaf produce warehouse. The Greenleaf produce warehouse was such a cool setting for a foodie dinner! The dinner tables extended all around the warehouse. Due to the water bottle […]



    I love Foodbuzz! It’s been such a fun day! After the morning festivities, we walked about a mile to the afternoon Tasting Pavilion. On our walk, I snapped a photo of Danica and Kath. How adorable is this photo?!? I snapped one with Danica too! The Foodbuzz Taste Pavilion was a total foodie paradise!! There […]



    Wheeeeee! What a day it’s been! I decided to break-up my recap into 2 posts because I took an insane amount of photos over the course of the day. The Foodbuzz Festival has been a total BLAST! Our morning started with breakfast at the Ferry Building, which is right down the street from the Hotel […]


    Morning Run by the Bay

    November 7, 2009


    I’m so glad that I woke up to meet my bloggies friends for a run this morning. I almost slept in and skipped it, but I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t. I had an awesome run and the scenery was amazing. I love running in new cities! A little before 7 AM, I met […]