• Foodbuzz Festival


    Hi, guys!!! I had an outstanding Sunday tasting wines in Sonoma, but my full recap will have to wait until the morning. My comfy bed is calling my name! Despite drinking a few cocktails and staying up late last night, I somehow managed to meet Kath, Shannon, and Quinn for a morning run. I was […]



    Wow, oh, wow. What a night!!! My brain is still spinning! Tonight’s dinner was put on by Outstanding In The Field and was held in the Greenleaf produce warehouse. The Greenleaf produce warehouse was such a cool setting for a foodie dinner! πŸ˜€ The dinner tables extended all around the warehouse. Due to the water […]



    I love Foodbuzz! It’s been such a fun day! After the morning festivities, we walked about a mile to the afternoon Tasting Pavilion. On our walk, I snapped a photo of Danica and Kath. How adorable is this photo?!? I snapped one with Danica too! πŸ˜€ The Foodbuzz Taste Pavilion was a total foodie paradise!! […]



    Wheeeeee! What a day it’s been! I decided to break-up my recap into 2 posts because I took an insane amount of photos over the course of the day. The Foodbuzz Festival has been a total BLAST! Our morning started with breakfast at the Ferry Building, which is right down the street from the Hotel […]


    Morning Run by the Bay

    November 7, 2009


    I’m so glad that I woke up to meet my bloggies friends for a run this morning. I almost slept in and skipped it, but I am SO HAPPY that I didn’t. I had an awesome run and the scenery was amazing. I love running in new cities! A little before 7 AM, I met […]



    Ahhhh! The Foodbuzz Festival is off to a rip-roaring start! It’s been AWESOME so far! The Foodbuzz people know how to throw a party! 😎 My evening started in the hotel bar for a champagne toast hosted by the Bertolli folks. After some brief introductions, we toasted to our recipes being “on the menu” at […]


    The Hotel Vitale is Sweet

    November 6, 2009


    This hotel is so AWESOME!!! It’s funky, modern, sophisticated. I’m totally obsessed with it! (Seriously, what is with me and hotels?!?) My room is gorgeous! Thanks, Bertolli! πŸ˜‰ Love it! Blogger in action. I always judge a hotel by the quality of their bath products. These ones are excellent. Very spa-like! πŸ˜€ The goodies and […]