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    Hello, friends! I just got home from a nice, little afternoon, complete with a mani-pedi, some shopping, and a trip to Starbucks. (There was also a bunch of boring stuff mixed in there, but those things don’t make for a very exciting blog post.) I’m off to Seattle tomorrow for BlogHer Food, so I needed […]


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    Have you tried Larabar’s new Über bar? Holy goodness it’s delicious! A few weeks ago, Larabar sent me their four Über flavors to try, but Mal ate three of the four before I had a chance to try them. The Cherry Cobbler was fair game, so I tried it last night, and it’s seriously the […]



    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MAL!!! [Image by my very talented friend Jon, who meets celebrities like Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. He actually hung out with them over the weekend. No big deal.] I’m not sure who’s more excited about Mal’s 30th birthday today—him or me! Breakfast This morning, I woke up before Mal’s alarm went […]


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    Good morning! Monica and Theodora both arrived safe and sound here in Boston. I picked up Theodora from South Station last night and Monica from the airport this morning. Once we were all together at my house, we spent the morning catching up and going over some last-minute preparation for Reach the Beach. Last-minute preparations: […]


    Home Sweet Home

    May 12, 2012

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    It’s so nice to be home. I missed my boys. And my bed. And my food. It’s funny how you enjoy those things so much more when you’ve been away from them for a little while. Because I was traveling and away from my computer for most of last week, I had a lot of […]