• Christmas

    Christmas Day 2012

    December 25, 2012


    Merry Christmas, friends! I hope Santa was good to you and you were able to spend some quality time with those you love today. I had a wonderful Christmas and it started with waking up to fresh snow—a white Christmas, which is pretty much the only time I like snow. Once Mal and I showered […]


    Christmas Eve 2012

    December 25, 2012


    Christmas Eve is almost as big as an event as Christmas Day for me. With a plethora of family, food, and fun, it’s an evening I look forward to all year long. Last night’s Christmas Eve celebration took place at my grandmother’s house. Some years my aunt Amy hosts the family, but with such a […]


    24 Days of Togetherness Recap

    December 24, 2012


    Christmas is tomorrow, which means our 24 Days of Togetherness is over. How sad. I can’t believe how quickly it flew by, but having a fun, little Christmas activity to do each day made the time even more special. I’d say our first 24 Days of Togetherness was a success! I did a pretty good […]


    Twelve Pains of Christmas

    December 24, 2012


    Hi, friends! Merry Christmas Eve! Somehow, my “nasty, phlegm-tastic cold” got even worse last night, so I went to bed feeling pretty awful. This morning, I woke up feeling quite a bit better, but definitely not 100%. It was the final day of 24 Days of Togetherness, and Mal and I planned to “wear red […]


    Friday —> Sunday

    December 23, 2012

    IMG_2048 (750x750)

    Ho, ho, ho! Did this weekend fly by for anyone else? Holy moly. I feel like it was just Friday afternoon. Time flies when you’re having fun! Let’s do a quick recap of the past few days, shall we? Friday On Friday evening, Mal and I went to Elizabeth and Nick’s condo for a fun […]


    Holiday Favorites Survey

    December 22, 2012


    I saw this Holiday Favorites survey on Julie’s blog the other day and thought it looked like a lot of fun. I love the holidays in a big way, so here are my responses to the questions. Feel free to share some of your favorites in the comment section. Happy holidays, friends!! Favorite Holiday Cookie […]


    Pugs Love Christmas

    December 21, 2012


    After lunch yesterday, I packed up my laptop and headed to Starbucks to finish my Health posts for the next couple of weeks. My editor is taking time off for the holidays, so she asked for them ahead of time, which was totally cool with me. Now that they’re all done, I have one less […]