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    Hash Brown Breakfast Bake

    February 6, 2016


    Alternate title: The Breakfast Bake We’re Totally Obsessed With. It’s true. Ever since we first tasted the Cheesy Tater Tot Breakfast Bake from Chew Out Loud, we were obsessed. In fact, I’ve made this recipe so many times now, I have it memorized. Although, I’ve changed it quite a bit over the past several weeks to fit with our own […]



    If your mornings are hectic, you might think it’s practically impossible to make a healthy breakfast. Or maybe you’re bored with the same old breakfast morning after morning? Either way, if you do a little prep work the night before or on the weekend, you’ll have a nutritious and tasty meal waiting for you first […]



    Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? Holy cow. It was a whirlwind for us. That said, here’s another edition of “High Low High” as a way to recap.  If you’re unfamiliar, these posts recap the high and low points of our weekend. I always like to finish on a […]



    Good morning and happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? We had a wonderful weekend with our friends Dave and Marie and their daughter, Carly. We did all sorts of fun fall things that made me appreciate the season even more. Massachusetts in October is truly the best, and I look forward to these few […]



    Good morning, friends! If you’re like me, you’re all about getting protein in your diet. Of course, it’s really important when it comes to my workouts, but it’s also key for controlling my cravings and keeping me full, especially when it comes to my first meal of the day. Breakfast always sets the tone for my healthy habits, so […]



    Good morning! Our little family had such a nice start to our day yesterday. We first enjoyed breakfast at The Farmer’s Daughter and then we had some fun at the Children’s Museum in Easton, which is right next door. The Farmer’s Daughter was on our list of places to visit for quite a while now– even long […]


    Morning With My Little Man

    August 12, 2015


    Hi, friends! How’s your Hump Day going so far? Mal was at a workshop all week, so it’s been just Quinn and me (and Murphy) in the mornings, which have quickly become my favorite time of day. I look forward to hearing the little guy on the monitor (even if it’s insanely early) just so we can […]