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    Hi, guys! Happy Sunday! Mal and Murphy are waiting for me to go to the dog park with them so we can do a “nature walk” in the woods, so I need to make this post quick. Here’s a super fast recap of Saturday! At CrossFit yesterday morning, we got to pick partners for the […]



    The holidays really are the most wonderful time of year. I’m already throughly enjoying the season and yesterday was full of friends, fun, and (holiday) festivities! Workout My day started with a CrossFit workout, which was the re-test for the Paleo Challenge benchmark, so we did Jackie again. WOD Paleo Challenge Benchmark “Jackie” 1000m row […]


    Spotted at Lolita

    November 10, 2012


    Hey, look who was spotted in Boston last night! Mal and I ventured into the city to meet friends for dinner at Lolita and a photographer from Boston.com asked if she could snap our pic. Cool! Lolita is located on Dartmouth Street just off Newbury, so I’ve walked by it a zillion times without ever […]


    Enjoy Your Life

    October 4, 2012

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    Yesterday afternoon, I headed into Boston for my appointment with my new gastroenterologist at MGH. I drove to the T, parked my car, and then took the train into the city. I don’t trust the MTBA to get me anywhere without an issue, so I always give myself plenty of extra time when I take […]


    Cake + Friends + Crazy Concerts

    September 17, 2012


    Hi, friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was a wonderful one! My weekend was all about friends and cake—two of my favorite things ever. On Saturday afternoon, I joined my friend Jen for a cake tasting at Konditor Meister to help her pick out a second flavor for her wedding cake. […]



    Great news: I had a successful appointment with my “new” primary care doctor today. She’s actually my old primary care doc from when I lived in the city. When I moved to the South Shore a couple of years ago, I switched to one closer to home for the convenience, but, obviously, that didn’t work […]



    Hooray! I did it! I got the PR I wanted so badly! The Run to Remember Half Marathon started at 7:00 this year (thank goodness since last year’s heat kicked my butt), so I picked up Elizabeth at 6:15 to drive to the race together. (She ran the 5-miler, which started 15 minutes after the […]