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    My Favorite Blog Topics

    March 30, 2011

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    If you’re a long time reader of Carrots ‘N’ Cake, you’ve probably noticed that I tend to blog about many of the same topics over and over again— mostly because I love them so much. So, here’s a fun, little post that covers many of my favorites! Murphy I bet you’re not surprised by this one! […]


    Ice Ice Baby

    February 4, 2011

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    Look at that pug face! Murphy seems so concerned! I still have no idea why Murphy was freaked out. Maybe he was just in a mood? Or maybe it’s all of the icicles hanging off our front porch? They’re quite ominous, especially for a little dog. Plus, they drip water on his back when he […]


    Snow Day

    December 21, 2010

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    Yowsahs. I had no idea that we were suppose to get so much snow last night! 😯 Ok, bad choice of words. “So much” in Boston does not mean a few inches of snow. “So much” means, like, a foot or more. Even still, I was surprised to wake up to a Winter Wonderland this […]


    Bad to Good

    November 19, 2010


    Wahhhhhh! 😕 (Yes, that was a Snooki ‘wah.’) Look what happened to my poor tire on the way to the gym this morning! 👿 I’m *usually* a very careful driver, but, somehow, I ran over a curb and destroyed my tire. I still have no idea how it happened!?! Check out the tear in the lower right […]


    Packed Full

    November 3, 2010


    Today has been full of packing… and more packing. I woke up bright and early with my husband, ate breakfast with him, and then got right down to business packing boxes. I made a serious dent, but I still have a lot to do. At least I’m making progress! 😀 After breakfast, I went to […]


    Class Sweatiquette

    October 20, 2010


    I have no idea how I lost track of time this morning, but I was late to Body Pump. Gahhh! 😯 I hate being late! I probably only missed a minute of the warm-up, but I felt bad “interrupting” class by arriving late and fumbling around to set up my equipment. I quickly got myself […]



    Good morning! Thanks for your feedback on yesterday’s post about changing the format of my blog. After thinking about what everyone said, I’m going to continue to post my meals and snacks, BUT I’m not going to be as “strict” about documenting everything that goes into my mouth. It can be repetitive for me and I’m […]