• Barney Butter

    All About The B’s

    July 3, 2010


    This morning was all about the B’s! 😎 Before my workout this morning, I snacked on a toasted piece of Fruit & Nut Manna Bread with Barney Butter. Workout At 7:30 this morning, Dave and Marie picked up Mal and me up for Body Pump at the gym. Our gym has holiday hours this weekend, so our […]


    Bright and Colorful

    June 16, 2010


    I love bright, bold colors, especially when it comes to fresh flowers! I also love these colors when it comes to decorating my home as seen here, here, and here. However, when it comes to what I wear, I often pick neutral colors. I typically wear black with gray, hunter green, and navy thrown into […]


    Weird Habits

    March 8, 2010


    Good morning! So, last night, I realized that I have a weird bedtime ritual. Before I get into bed, I need to close all of the closets in the apartment. For some reason, I feel like I can’t sleep soundly if they are open. Weird, right? This weird-o habit probably goes back to my “monster […]


    Espresso Morning

    February 27, 2010


    Goooood morning! I’m so glad that I went to bed early last night. It made getting up before the crack of dawn so much easier this morning! Luckily, I had just the thing to get me moving: Hayes Valley Espresso from Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Blue Bottle Coffee is bad-ass. It’s super dark and seriously […]


    Tea for You

    February 25, 2010


    Good morning, bloggies! It’s a cold, rainy morning here, so it was tough getting out of bed at 5 AM to write. I really wanted to stay in bed, under the covers, and cuddle with my husband and my pup, but my unfinished first draft was calling my name. Word by word. Breakfast About an […]


    Too Many Sticks

    February 22, 2010


    This afternoon, Murphy and I enjoyed a wonderful walk together. I didn’t walk him; we walked together. 😉 Murph and I are both diggin’ our new neighborhood. I love it because it’s peaceful and there’s lots of space… and there isn’t garbage (and dog poop) all over the place. Murphy loves it because there are […]



    Happy Monday! 😎 I had all of these great plans for this morning, such as going to the gym and visiting a new cafe for breakfast, but instead, I slept in and bummed around the apartment. Oh, well. I might as well save my energy for the Big Apple! 😉 Breakfast The selection of fruits […]