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    Something’s Missing

    October 25, 2012


    Oh my gosh, I ate the best snack yesterday afternoon: sliced banana with peanut butter and Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. Holy crap, it was delicious. That is all. Workout I was feeling kind of mellow yesterday afternoon, so I nixed CrossFit and went to yoga instead. I guess I was just in a funk. Usually, […]


    Means to an End

    September 13, 2012


    This post is part of an ongoing series and my sponsorship with fitmixer as a brand ambassador. The thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. As you probably know, I love goals—setting them, creating “game plans” to work toward them, and, of course, achieving them. Basically, I love having something to work towards and, even […]


    My First Twitter Party

    June 4, 2012


    Exciting news! In a couple of weeks, I’m hosting my first ever Twitter party with Stonyfield to help them drum up some buzz for their new Oikos frozen yogurt flavors: Peach Mango and Super Fruits. Like all Stonyfield products, the Frozen Oikos are made from organic ingredients produced without the use of toxic, persistent pesticides, […]



    Hi, guys! How’s your Tuesday afternoon going? Mine is going especially well because I just discovered a Target less than five miles from my house. Oooh, yes. I am psyched! I plan to spend a lot of time and money there. Workout After breakfast, I headed to the gym for a quick run. On days […]


    Super Creamy Oatmeal

    February 2, 2012

    IMG_0005 (800x600)-2

    Good morning! I started my day with a super creamy, super satisfying, and super delicious bowl of banana oatmeal. I used this recipe again, and it was super. I think I’ve found a winner with this recipe! I also added cinnamon, vitamin D mushroom powder, and two spoonfuls of almond butter to the mix. Three […]