• Athenos

    Healthy Eating Summit

    August 14, 2010


    Oh my goodness, I’ve eaten so much delicious food today!! Basically, I ate allllll day long. I’m not complaining, but holy moly! The good eats just don’t stop coming! But, doesn’t healthy living = good eating!? 😉 Lunch Kath did a great job planning the menu for the HLS lunch. It was healthy, delicious, and […]



    Something crazy happened at Body Pump tonight: I increased my weight on biceps to 23 pounds!!! Ok, this probably doesn’t blow your mind at all, but this is a huge deal for me. I’ve been taking Body Pump classes, 2-3 times per week, for nearly 7 months now, but I have yet to increase my […]


    Excuse Me, Sir

    July 26, 2010


    Umm… Excuse me, sir, you know you’re not supposed to have that stuffed pug. Murphy knew I was watching his every move, but he didn’t care. What a butthead. Lunch I had a few sushi rolls leftover from last night’s dinner, so I added them to a big salad for lunch today. I thought the […]


    Pug Cannibalism

    July 23, 2010


    As you probably know, my husband thinks pug meat is delicious. Apparently, Murphy does too! 😉 Check out what Murphy got a hold of this morning. It’s the little stuffed pug that sits on our bed. (My webmaster gave it to me long before Murphy came into my life.) A pug eating a pug. Isn’t […]


    Making Progress

    July 21, 2010


    Yowsahs!! Where has this day gone!?! It’s lunchtime and I haven’t even blogged yet. Jeez. Let’s get right to it then! 😀 Breakfast I started my day with a piece of leftover Tortilla-Crusted Feta-and-Broccoli Quiche and an iced coffee with vanilla soy milk. The quiche was really yummy, by the way. I reheated it in the microwave […]



    Don’t you love it when recipes turn out so better than you expect? I had high hopes for tonight’s dinner and it definitely surpassed them. It was an egg-cellent meal! 😉 Tortilla-Crusted Feta-and-Broccoli Quiche Recipe inspired by Rachel Ray’s Tortilla-Crusted Goat Cheese-and-Asparagus Quiche INGREDIENTS: Four 7-inch whole wheat tortillas 1 cup broccoli florets 2 tablespoons […]


    Random Eats

    July 20, 2010


    My food cravings are so random sometimes. A few hours after breakfast (overnight oats + iced coffee) this morning, my taste-buds wanted something cool, sweet, and creamy, but also crunchy and salty. There were lots of competing cravings, but I just went with it. So, for lunch today, I ended up pairing a banana smoothie with […]