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I am so excited to tell you guys about Ready Health Go, a company that provides delicious, healthy, and convenient foods. With the help of a local chef/Registered Dietitian, the founder of Ready Health Go created a menu of sandwiches, wraps, and salads that are nutritious and satisfying without tons of added calories or fat. Even though Ready Health Go’s products are “packaged,” they are incredibly fresh and flavorful— almost as if someone prepared it for you minutes before your first taste. 

Last week, Jeff, the founder/CEO of Ready Health Go, invited me and a few blog friends (Elina, Shannon, and Lauren) to try his company’s freshly prepared and packaged foods.

Some neat things that Jeff told us about Ready Health Go:

  • The idea for Ready Health Go developed from a lack of good-tasting, healthy food choices when Jeff was in grad school.
  • You can now find Ready Health Go foods at The Coop in Harvard Square (as well as other locations around Boston).
  • The breads for his sandwiches are baked locally at Iggy’s in Cambridge.

Ready Health Go’s menu offers 3 types of sandwiches, 3 wraps, 4 salads, and a variety of healthy beverages and snacks. Each of the sandwiches, wraps, and salads display pertinent nutrition-specific letter codes, including F+ (high fiber), V (vegetarian), Vn (vegan), to help customers select foods that are most appropriate for their individual dietary needs.

The first sandwich that we tasted was my favorite: Grilled Asparagus with smokey eggplant spread, Parmesan, field greens, and balsamic vinaigrette on a baguette. The asparagus was prepared al dante, which gave a nice, fresh crunch to the asparagus, and the bold flavors of Parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette complimented the bitter asparagus spears just right.

Next up was the Roasted Portobello sandwich with basil, white bean puree, roasted tomatoes, and roasted-caramelized onions on ciabatta. This is a delicious sandwich for you portobello lovers!

Food blogger in action…

The third sandwich that we tried is Ready Health Go’s top seller: Chipotle Spiced Chicken. This sandwich is made with sweet pea “mockamole,” roasted tomatoes, field greens, and light cheddar cheese on ciabatta. I loved the idea of “mockamole,” which is avocado blended with sweet peas. The sweet peas naturally reduce the calories and fat of the spread without changing the flavor– the sweet peas actually enhanced the green color of the “mockamole” and made it even smoother than regular guacamole.

Oh yea, and this sandwich was delicious!

After sampling the sandwiches, it was time to try the wraps! The first was the Just Veggies wrap, which included edamame hummus, avocado, tomato, carrots, sprouts, and a honey-mustard vinaigrette on whole wheat lavish. Jeff noted that the daikon sprouts that he uses in this wrap add an interesting (mild) spicy flavor to it. I liked this wrap a lot!

Check out the wonderful, vivid colors!

The next wrap was the Vietnamese Tofu, which will likely be my first purchase from Ready Health Go! 😀 It was a close second to the Asparagus Wrap! The Vietnamese Tofu wrap had marinated, baked tofu with an Asian veggie mix, carrot-ginger dressing, and rice salad on whole wheat lavish. I’m typically not a big fan of tofu, but this tofu was cooked just right. It was soft, but not mushy, and the carrot-ginger dressing was to die for! The fact that I am not a big tofu-lover says a lot about this wrap!

Thankfully, Jeff came prepared with a cutting board, knives, plates, and toothpicks to serve-up his food in sample-sized portions. We were able to taste all of his menu items without stuffing ourselves! Plus, we needed to save room for Sweet cupcakes!

At this point in our Ready Health Go tasting, I was stuffed, but we still had 3 salads to sample! I needed to save room for cupcakes at Sweet, so I only had a bite of each salad.

Sesame Glazed Salmon salad with an Asian vegetable mix, edamame and a honey-soy vinaigrette on field greens…

Herbed chicken salad with herbed and marinated chicken, grapes, walnuts, and a shallot vinaigrette on butter lettuce…

This salad was basically a deconstructed Waldorf salad without mayo. I especially liked this salad– the shallot vinaigrette was awesome!

And, finally, Jicama and Citrus salad with season citrus segments, sliced jicama, and a citrus-cilantro dressing on spinach…

This is a perfect salad for summer– light, citrus-y, just 160 calories, and 9 grams of fiber!

The lovely food bloggers that I enjoyed the tasting with: Elina, Shannon, and Lauren. You actually may recognize a couple of these ladies from P.F. Changs! 😉

Ok, so, if you live in Boston, PLEASE seek out Ready Health Go. I promise you will not be disappointed!

Thanks, Jeff! Your food is phenomenal!! :mrgreen:

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