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    Heyyyyyyy! How’s it going? So, yesterday was a fun day. It started with a simple breakfast… Followed by my 34-week doctor’s appointment. Mal came with me this time since he’s off from school this week. I honestly don’t mind going to appointments by myself, but it was really nice having him with me yesterday. And, […]



    Good morning! Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and suggestions on my post yesterday. I spent the majority of last night pouring over them and making adjustments to our baby registry, so now I am feeling really good about things. You guys had so many great recommendations! Thanks, again! I’m lucky to have […]



    Let me preface this post by saying: Sometimes, I think I’m a crazy lunatic. And I know Mal thinks I’m a crazy lunatic. Actually, I know I am because I agree to stuff like this way too often. After I wrote my first book, I vowed never to write another one. Writing books just wasn’t […]


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    Good morning! Just wanted to share some scenes from last week’s photo shoot for the Almond Board of California. Just in case you missed my previous post, I recently developed six healthy recipes and photographed them in a one-day photo shoot for them. Truthfully, I was a tad stressed out about this project because I’m […]



    The other day, I received a question from another blogger asking about giveaway etiquette. Hey Tina! Do you have any posts on Giveaway “etiquette”? I just received some free goodies and was thinking about doing one on my blog. I really don’t have many followers, but if I do one not sure exactly how to […]



    Hi, friends! This morning, I made a couple of CrossFit videos with Sarah, YouTube extraordinaire and the blogger behind Sarah Fit. Sarah and I go way back—she’s actually one of the first bloggers I ever met. We met for froyo during one of my lunch breaks back when I worked at Harvard, and we’ve been […]



    Hi, friends! I can’t believe it’s already September 12th! Wasn’t it just September 1st? Holy cow. I can’t believe the month is moving along so quickly, but, hey, I’m not complaining. BRING ON FALL! [source] Speaking of which, Mal and I sat on the couch last night and coordinated our calendars for the upcoming season […]