• Weekly Meal Plans


    Hi, friends! Happy Sunday to you! Here’s this week’s edition of What We Ate For Dinner. We actually tried a new recipe this week, and it turned out great. Go us! Haha! Sunday: Spaghetti with meat and veggie sauce We had a bunch of toppings (chicken, pancetta, peppers, onions, and mushrooms) leftover from pizza night, so […]


    20 Crazy-Easy Dinners You Can Make Fast

    I’m all about fast and easy dinners nowadays. I don’t have time to make elaborate recipes anymore, so my favorite meals require minimal prep, not too many ingredients, and speedy cook times. That said, here are 20 of my very favorite, go-recipes that are crazy-easy to make (if I can make them, anyone can!) and they come […]


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    Hi, friends! Happy Sunday to you! If you’re working on your meal plan for the week ahead, here’s another edition of What We Ate for Dinner. I hope it gives you some good ideas! SUNDAY: Chicken burgers + sweet potato fries + green beans Sunday’s dinner was totally from the freezer and it came together […]


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    Hello, hello! Happy Sunday! So, I have a new blog feature for you guys. You know how I sometimes give you a quick recap of our meal plan for the upcoming week? Well, instead of doing that, I’m going to start posting our meals after we eat them, so you can see how they come together. […]


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    Hello, hello! A bunch of you guys said you were fans of my weekly grocery shopping and meal plans because you get ideas for your own dinners, so here’s a quick post about what we’re eating this week. I figured it might be helpful since this week might be a little crazy with holiday events […]


    I Have An Infant and No Time to Cook 4 Delicious Throw-Together Meals

    Hi, friends! I heard a rumor that you guys like quick and easy meal ideas, so here are four delicious ones that you might enjoy. I hope they inspire some tasty meals in your house! 1. Half of a baked sweet potato with chicken salad, steamed spinach, and buffalo sauce This meal requires a little […]


    arm smoker workout

    Hi, friends! How’s your Monday going so far? Quinn is a napping machine today (who is this kid? I think Mimi has magical powers), so I had some extra time to create a pin-able workout, order our holiday cards, start dinner, and write this blog post. Hooray for naps! So, this workout… I am still sore from it, and […]