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    The Early Morning Hours

    August 14, 2014

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    I woke up at 3:25 AM this morning. Q was fussing and hungry. He is most definitely going through another growth spurt like he did around 6 weeks. Yesterday, all he wanted to do was eat and, like clockwork, he’d get fussy, eat, and play every 2 hours. I spent a lot of time sitting […]


    i love cocktails

    This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Oh, happy hour. It’s no doubt one of my favorite times of day. But, if you rewind to my post-college days, too much merriment and overindulging at happy hour caused me to gain 20+ pounds. Enjoying cheesy nachos and way too much beer after work, more than a […]


    how many burp cloths do you really need

    A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about some of our favorite baby items that we use all the time and can’t live without now that Q is here. I didn’t talk about any of the other stuff, like burp cloths, sheets, swaddles, and the like, so here’s a brief summary of what we currently own, love, […]



    Hi, guys! How’s your week going? I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday afternoon. Monday and this morning totally flew by for me. Holy moly! It’s like they didn’t even happen. Or did they?! I dunno. Anyway, here are some photos from yesterday and today! Q knows how to have a good time! Look at that […]


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    Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the new Mirbeau Inn & Spa at The Pinehills in Plymouth, Massachusetts. (The Inn has another location in Skaneateles, New York.) The Inn opened at the beginning of July, so it’s brand new and absolutely gorgeous! When I arrived, I immediately scoped out the grounds to see what the place […]


    We Had a Busy Weekend

    August 11, 2014

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    The Hauperts had quite a busy weekend! From Friday afternoon until Sunday evening, we were go-go-go and it was kind of awesome, especially since the beginning of the summer was so low-key for us. I’m glad that things are getting back to (a new) normal and we have a social life again. And it seems like Q enjoyed […]


    WatermelonCucumberCooler-image (707x800)

    Hi, guys! Happy weekend!! Here’s a refreshingly delicious juice recipe from my new book. It’s one of my favorites and perfect for summer! And here’s a chance to win a copy of my new book: The Part Time Vegetarian (PTV) Smoothies and Juices! I will pick 5 winners to receive a copy! To enter: Just […]