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    holiday gift guide for the wine lover

    Having a baby drives me to drink! Kidding! KIDDING! Well, sort of. Truthfully, after a long day home alone with my little munchkin, I am all about enjoying a glass of wine on the couch as a way to relax. Perhaps some of the other moms out there will agree? Yes? Anyway, I love all things […]


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    Hello, hello! This week is totally flying by for me. How the heck is it already Thursday?! And just 14 days until Christmas?! Holy cow. The holiday season is whizzing by like lightning. Well, can lightning whiz by? I guess so? It kind of crashes down, I suppose. I dunno, but the holiday season is passing […]


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    This post is sponsored by Oyster. Related: I’ve been telling everyone in my “real life” about Oyster because it is the coolest. It’s basically Netflix for books. I hope you enjoy this review! Ok, so let me tell you how this partnership with Oyster went down… When they first emailed me to ask if I […]


    I Have An Infant and No Time to Cook 4 Delicious Throw-Together Meals

    Hi, friends! I heard a rumor that you guys like quick and easy meal ideas, so here are four delicious ones that you might enjoy. I hope they inspire some tasty meals in your house! 1. Half of a baked sweet potato with chicken salad, steamed spinach, and buffalo sauce This meal requires a little […]



    Our little peanut was baptized yesterday! Only one other baby was being baptized at the same time, so there was a small ceremony with close family and friends. Mal and I asked my sister and her husband to be Quinn’s godparents and we are so glad that they agreed. They are the best, and I know they […]


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    Quinn loved his first Friendsgiving! Our friends Mike and Erin hosted the second annual Friendsgiving for our hometown crew. They recently purchased a new house, so the event doubled as a housewarming party too! The food spread was incredible. Mike and Erin cooked the turkey (as well as some other dishes, including a Merlot gravy […]


    Fa La La Wine Glass (Set of 4)

    Hello! Good morning and happy Friday to you! Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback on my CNC blog survey. It was really helpful reading your responses and they gave me lots of great ideas for moving forward with CNC. As always, you guys are the best and thank you for supporting me and […]