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    Hey, hey! It seemed like a lot of you guys liked my original “In the Name of Science: 4 Days of Meals & Snacks,” so I decided to write another one. My participation in the ulcerative colitis study actually ended last week (it was just a 6-week study), so I won’t need to track my food intake anymore, but I still thought you […]



    Guys. Have you ever made a recipe that turns out a zillion times better than expected? Like, the first time you try it, your immediate response is something along the lines of: Damn, that’s good. And then you can’t stop eating it because it’s basically the best thing you’ve ever tasted? Well, that’s exactly what happened with […]


    Carrots N Cake 8 year blog anniversary prizes

    There’s a lot to celebrate today! It’s National Carrot Cake Day as well as the day that I started Carrot ‘N’ Cake EIGHT years ago. I guess it was just meant to be! My life now is so different from the day that I published my very first post… 2/3/2008: I lived with Mal in a small one-bedroom […]



    Hi, guys! As you probably already know, we’re huge fans of Blue Apron in our house. We look forward to our deliveries (yay, one less trip to the grocery store!) and tasty meals sooooo much. I’m telling ya, we get really excited when Blue Apron is on the menu for the week! In fact, we’ve loved so many recipes from […]


    Epic Paleo Bundle for FREE

    February 2, 2016


    Good morning! Just wanted to pass along this amazing FREE bundle to my Paleo readers. Although, just about everyone will love it!! For real. Even though I don’t eat a Paleo diet anymore, I still love what’s included in this bundle—nutritious, whole food recipes, workouts, meals plans, and so much more! Get Over $1,000 of […]



    Good morning and happy Monday! Let’s get to it with a quick recap from our weekend! FRIDAY Mal and I went on a double-date with our friends Scotty and Jess for dinner at Orta. We had such a nice time and laughed a whole lot together. Seriously. I think we spent like 90% of the meal telling […]



    Hey, hey! Happy Sunday! Just popping in to share this week’s grocery haul and some party/entertaining favorites from Trader Joe’s! Bananas – thankfully, they’re not “trick” bananas Green bell pepper Onion Potatoes – for breakfast potatoes Sweet potatoes Avocados Blueberries Mixed greens Organic milk Unsweetened soy milk Garbanzo beans Baked beans Canola oil Liquid egg whites […]