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    Thick and Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies

    Hi, friends! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post yesterday featuring some seriously delicious-looking Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies. I whipped up a batch yesterday afternoon and couldn’t wait to share the recipe! These cookies are soft, thick, and chewy with a boost of protein for some added staying power. They’re great […]



    This post is sponsored by The North Face. Hey, hey! I wanted to tell you guys about the new gear collection. It’s called Mountain Athletics from The North Face, and I recently had the opportunity to pick out a few pieces to try myself. I loved all of the items that I selected, and I think […]


    My New Running Goal

    April 28, 2015


    Hi, friends! Remember when I answered a bunch of post-marathon questions from readers yesterday? Well, I forgot to include a very important one: What is your next running goal? How could I forget?! It’s such an important question and one I’ve thought about quite a lot since crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I […]


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    This post is sponsored by Oyster. Good morning! Summer is just around the corner, right? Right?! Man, after the winter we had here in New England, I am more than ready for warm weather and all the things that go along with summer, like sunshine, vacation, and just, well, being outside and relaxing. I think […]



    Hi, guys! Since the marathon, I have received all sorts of questions about my training, recovery, future plans, and much more. I figured some of you might want to hear my answers too, so I decided to create a little post-marathon Q & A on CNC. I hope you find my replies helpful! What was your post-marathon […]



    Hi, friends! How was your weekend? What’d you do? My weekend was a whirlwind of fun, and I feel like I didn’t stop moving from Friday evening to Sunday night. It was all awesome stuff, but, holy cow, we were busy. That said, here is THE BEST of the weekend! Friday evening KFIT workout. Boom. I’m back at it […]



    Good morning, friends! Mal and I had quite the special day yesterday. The nice folks from the Chatham Bars Inn (CBI) invited me for a complementary spa treatment and lunch at one of their on-site restaurants, so we turned the opportunity into a day date. As new parents, it’s not always easy to get away and spend time alone […]