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    Photo Dump VIII

    July 22, 2015


    Heyyyy! What’s happening? It’s time for another Photo Dump! I know you guys like these kinds of posts (I love them too!), so here are some random photos from my iPhone! Enjoy! Splashing around with Dada at Funny Farm. The little guy had such a blast playing in the pool! Donut selfie. Clearly, I get […]



    We had such a great time at the Children’s Museum in Easton last Friday. What an awesome place! Quinn and I met my mom, sister, and nephew there for a fun-filled morning. The Children’s Museum was participating in “Free Fun Fridays,” a summer program that provides no cost admission to a variety of cultural institutions, including museums, historic houses, […]


    IMG_5137 (1024x1024)

    Hello! How’s it going? Let’s start with some EATS from yesterday. Remember when CNC was mostly a food diary? I honestly like it better now, but it’s fun to go back to that style of blogging every once in awhile. Plus, I love seeing what other people eat—it gives me great ideas for my own […]



    This recipe post is part of my partnership with Grapes from California. I hope you enjoy it! It’s perfect for an easy summer evening. What a whirlwind few days. I can’t believe another summer weekend is in the books. The weeks are really flying by, aren’t they? Dear Summer: Please slow down. I think you guys […]


    High Low High V

    July 19, 2015


    Hello! How was your weekend? It flew by, right? Evens still, I hope it was a GREAT one for you! Here’s another edition of “High Low High.” If you’re unfamiliar with this blog series, the posts recap the high and low points of my weekend. I always like to finish on a high note, so […]


    What a Great Week

    July 17, 2015


    Hello and happy Friday to you! It’s been quite the week… a very busy one, but a GREAT one too. Mal was at an all-day workshop this week, so Quinn and I kept busy during the day and then our evenings were jam-packed too. Let’s just say we’re all really happy it’s Friday… even though the weekend will be busier! Ahhh, I’m […]


    Buy Local Logo.fw

    Hello and happy, happy, happy THURSDAY to you! I’m mixing things up a little bit this week and publishing my weekly What I’m Loving Lately a day early. I hope that’s okay with you. Yes? Ok, then. Ready? GO! Stop & Shop’s Buy Local program – Each week, Stop & Shop’s produce departments will highlight local farms and feature fresh […]