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    Another home improvement project? Ooh, yes! Listen to what happened this morning: [over breakfast] T: We should probably decide on a vanity and toilet today, so we’re all set to go this weekend. M: Yea, I agree. We’ll go pick them out after we eat breakfast. T: Hey, actually, what am I supposed to do […]


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    Good morning, friends! So, something awesome happened last night: I deadlifted 200 pounds! Woohoo! For those of you who CrossFit, 200 pounds isn’t all that impressive, but, for me, it was pretty darn cool, especially since I increased my deadlift weight by almost a third! My previous 1 rep max was 155 pounds, so that’s […]


    Getting Over the Hump

    March 29, 2012

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    Good morning, friends! Happy Thursday to you! I hope your day is off to a better start than Murphy’s! I guess he wasn’t feelin’ it this morning. Poor little pug. His life is so hard. Breakfast This morning’s breakfast was “Oatmeal” Minus the Oats and a glass of iced coffee with almond milk. You’d think […]


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    After breakfast this morning, I headed out to tackle a speed workout for my half marathon training. Sadly, it never happened. As I started out on my run, my hamstrings felt really tight, like an almost painful soreness. Usually, a mile warm-up and some stretching loosens me right up, and I’m good to go, but […]


    Call for Guest Posts

    March 15, 2012


    Good morning! One month from today, Mal and I will be on vacation! We’re taking a week-long cruise with friends to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras, and the Cayman Islands. Woohoo! I imagine our time on the cruise will look something like this: And this: And probably this: Anyway, we’re psyched and cannot wait! I’m planning to […]


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    I tried a fun new product in my iced coffee this morning: SōL, a sunflower beverage. Sunflower? Yep! SōL is made from sunflower kernels. Cool, right? I thought so, which is why I wanted to try it out. The folks at SōL offered to send me a free sample, and I happily accepted. As you […]


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    I think I’m feeling better this afternoon. I’m far from well, but things aren’t getting worse for once! Hey, I’ll take it. Lunch Lunch was sliced turkey on a toasted gluten-free bagel with sweet potato wedges on the side. This lunch tasted great and didn’t give me any issues. Awesome. Snack A little while later, I […]