• Organization & Decor

    Weekend Activities

    August 26, 2013


    Good morning! Happy Monday, friends! Going into this weekend, Mal and I didn’t really have any plans, but things shaped up and we ended up being quite busy. Here’s a quick recap of our weekend activities! On Friday afternoon, I organized our pantry using some storage bins that I bought at Marshalls. Before: After: Much […]


    Friday Favorites

    August 23, 2013


    Hello, hello! I hope your Friday is off to a fabulous start! I am hopping on the “Friday Favorites” bandwagon and blogging about mine this week. Here are some of the things I’m loving lately! Houzz Mal and I are still planning to remodel our house (probably next summer), so we’re gathering ideas for the […]


    IMG_3736 (450x600)

    Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with Ali Ehrlich of Right Up Your Ali to organize and update my closet. Ali is a native of Boston who has spent over 18 years designing wardrobes for women all over Massachusetts and working for high-end designers, such as Chanel and Valentino. As you know, I can’t […]


    living room redecorated

    We finally redecorated our living room! When Mal and I were cleaning the house on Sunday afternoon, we were suddenly inspired to rearrange our living room, which, eventually, led to us to wanting to redecorate the whole, darn thing. Hey, when you’re feeling motivated, you might as well act on it, right? Our first stop: […]


    Taking Down the Decorations

    December 26, 2012


    I can’t believe Christmas is already over. It seems like just yesterday I was blogging about how excited I was for the upcoming holiday season. I swear, Christmas comes quicker and quicker every year (despite embracing the sights and sounds earlier and earlier every year). Today, Mal and I spent the majority of the day […]


    Acorn Vase Filler

    September 25, 2012


    On Sunday afternoon, I flipped though a Pottery Barn catalog that I had laying around the house and stumbled upon an image similar to this one: Cute idea for fall decorating, right? Well, Pottery Barn is charging $14.50 + shipping for their “acorn vase filler.” I wasn’t about to pay nearly $20 for 54 plastic […]


    Decorating Commitment-Phobes

    September 19, 2012


    I’m not sure if you noticed the walls in our bedroom from this morning’s post, but there’s nothing on them. For some reason, Mal and I just can’t commit to hanging things on our walls. Of course, we want to decorate, but I guess we’re just afraid of making a bad decision—you know, hanging up […]