• Marathon Training

    Last week, Runner’s World offered me the opportunity to do special Q & A on my blog with one of their editors on a topic of my choice. With the New York City Marathon right around the corner (in just 8 days!), I jumped at the chance to ask some questions about what to do the week before […]


    Getting Psyched for NYCM

    October 26, 2011


    The New York City Marathon is just 10 days away. Yikes! Obviously, I’m freaking the f out nervous, but I’m also getting really excited for it. From what I hear, it’s not just a marathon; it’s an experience. Last night, I started a new book called The Long Run by Matt Long, a New York City […]


    Run and Done

    October 16, 2011

    IMG_0822 (800x598)

    Wahoo! Twenty miles run and done! Theodora and I rocked our 20-mile long run this morning. Surprisingly, it wasn’t all that bad either. (Who says that about 20 miles?!? Crazy people. That’s who.) Hey, nice shirt, Theodora. I woke up bright and early to prepare for this morning’s run. I ate my usual breakfast (nut […]


    All Business

    October 6, 2011

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    I was all business this morning. I wasn’t planning to do my long run until tomorrow morning, but then I realized that I needed to drop Murphy off at my sister’s house for the weekend, which will probably take me a solid 3 hours with rush hour traffic. I probably could have squeezed in my […]


    Training & Cravings

    October 5, 2011

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    Last week, I received an email from a reader asking for suggestions with how to deal with her cravings during marathon training: I am writing because I read that you gained weight while training for a marathon. While I know I’ve built muscle, I feel I also put on a good 5 pounds of unwanted weight. […]