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    Race day is just ONE WEEK away! Ahhhhh! ONE WEEK. Holy crap. So I mentioned my kick-butt marathon playlist that helped me PR my recent 5K over the weekend, and I wanted to share it with you guys because it really is an awesome running mix. I started making it back in January, so these songs […]


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    Hi, friends! How’s your day going? Here’s another edition of Marathon Talk with Monica! (If you missed the first two, you can read them here and here.) Basically, it’s a round-up of things I have asked her in the past few weeks and her replies. I hope you find them helpful in your current or […]



    Good morning! I’ve received a bunch of questions from readers asking about various parts of my marathon training and quite a few of them were related to recovery, so I wanted to share some of the things that I am doing “behind the scenes.” I truly believe that the combination of these things has kept my body […]



    Woohoo! It’s officially taper time! My wonderful and amazing friend Monica flew out from California to run my last long run with me. (Now that’s a GREAT friend, right!?) I had 20 miles on my training plan (well, technically, 3:00) and we thought it would be fun to do a race together, so we ran the Duxbury […]


    Banana Berry Protein Muffins

    Hey, hey! Look at me. Two recipes in one week! Who am I?! Haha! Honestly, I’m craving ALLTHECARBS this week, and when I realized we had a couple of super ripe bananas just waiting to be used up, I knew immediately that I wanted to turn them into some sort of carb-tastic baked good. But, at […]


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    First things first: Brooks Lobster Launch 2! OMG, THESE SHOES! There are LOBSTERS on them. Lobsters! BOSTON lobsters! I am so in love. Recreated to represent the spirit of the famed race, the Lobster Launch 2 features patterned imagery of the lobster and a blue ocean midsole as an ode to the Atlantic Ocean that banks […]


    boston marathon training weeks 11 and 12

    Hi, friends! Another two weeks of marathon training are in the books! And I’m getting close to taper time, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. My taper is actually only two weeks, which is quite a bit different than my previous marathon plans, but, hey, you gotta trust your training and that’s exactly what I […]