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    Hello and a very happy Monday to you! Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? Holy cow. It was a whirlwind for us. That said, here’s another edition of “High Low High” as a way to recap.  If you’re unfamiliar, these posts recap the high and low points of our weekend. I always like to finish on a […]


    Photo Dump XIII

    October 30, 2015


    Good morning and happy Friday to you! I know I just did a Photo Dump post last week, but I’ve gathered quite a few photos on my phone recently, so here is a recent mix of randomness. Enjoy! Halloween running socks. How adorable are these socks?! They’re from Brooks Running, and they’re part of a COLLECTION of […]



    Good morning and happy Monday to you! How was your weekend? We had a wonderful weekend with our friends Dave and Marie and their daughter, Carly. We did all sorts of fun fall things that made me appreciate the season even more. Massachusetts in October is truly the best, and I look forward to these few […]


    New This Week

    October 21, 2015


    Hey, hey! Happy Hump Day, friends! This week started off sort of blah for me. After the weekend, I developed some sort of (painful) stomach bug, so, by Monday afternoon, I felt awful. Thankfully, Quinn was into cuddling with me on the couch because there was no way I could have chased him around the house. I was literally counting down the […]



    Good morning and HAPPY MONDAY to you! How was your weekend? We had a really nice weekend over here. Once again, it flew by (holy cow), but only because we had such a great time and you know how it goes: Time flies when you’re having fun! Ha! Anyway, here’s a little recap from our weekend! […]



    Hey, hey! Happy Friday! Earlier this week, I read a really great interview with Sophia Bush in Health magazine (September 2015). Her response to one question, in particular, really resonated with me, so I wanted to share it on CNC since I think some of you can probably relate too. Sophia was asked: What is your greatest fear? Her […]


    Photo Dump XII

    October 15, 2015


    Good morning! How’s it going, friends? I hope your day is off to a fabulous start! It’s time for another Photo Dump, which means I’ll share all sorts of random photos from my iPhone. This bunch is definitely a fun mix. Enjoy! Our little monkey chowing down on a banana. Look at that intensity! Haha! […]