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    Good morning and happy Monday to you! I hope you had a very nice Easter! When I was brainstorming with Mal about how to recap our weekend on CNC, I kept talking about how it was our second time doing certain things, like Quinn’s second Easter and our second time suffering through Open WOD 14.5, so I decided […]


    Weekend Via Snapchat

    March 21, 2016


    Hey, hey! Guess who’s on Snapchat now?!? That’s right. Carrots ‘N’ Cake finally got with the times, and now I’m actively “snapping.” I’ve actually had an account for quite awhile, but I just watched my friends’ ridiculous snaps and rarely ever posted anything. Fast forward to this past weekend: The nice ladies of KFIT showed me […]



    Good morning and happy Friday to you! The weekend is almost here, which means it’s time for another Friday favorite: What I’m Loving Lately! Let’s dive right in, shall we? Vietnamese cold brew coffee – OMG. Love. It’s cold brew coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk and, oh my goodness, it’s heavenly, especially the stuff from Whole […]



    Good morning, friends! I’m so glad you guys liked my first edition of Photos I Send to People! It was a fun blog post to write, and I know there will be plenty more in the future. That said, here’s the second post of the series! To: Mal What: A photo of Quinn playing at Bare […]


    Fill in the Blanks Blog Survey

    Good morning and happy Friday! I recently saw this “fill in the blank” interview with Lindsey Vonn in Health magazine and thought it would make a fun blog survey, so here we go! I would try swimming with sharks once. Mal and I actually almost did it when we visited Hawaii, but we ran out of […]



    Good morning! Our sweet boy turns 21 months old today! I documented one of our days last week as a way to remember this stage in Q-Man’s life and help us remember the tiny details that we might otherwise forget. That said, here’s a glimpse into life at 21 months! 5:39 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. […]



    This post is brought to you by Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #swissherbs Spring is in the air on the South Shore! Recently, we’ve had much warmer temperatures, sunny days, and NO SNOW, which means I’m a happy camper, and now I am anticipating the season change more than […]