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    Mal went back to school yesterday, and it was bittersweet for everyone involved. We were spoiled having him home all summer long, and I am especially appreciative that we were able to share parenting responsibilities. It was definitely a nice way to ease into life with a newborn! Now it’s just Q and me (and Murphy), 5 days a week, […]



    Hi, friends! How was your Labor Day weekend? We had a really nice one. In fact, it was probably the most fun I had all summer! On Saturday morning, Mal, Q, and I drove to New Hampshire for our friends’ wedding. They got married at a summer camp, so the majority of their guests stayed on-site […]


    A New Day in the Life III

    August 28, 2014

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    Good morning! Thanks for all of your hair dryer recommendations. You guys rule! Here’s another peek into our new day in the life! 1:30 AM: Mal comes home from his softball game and hanging out with the guys. Murphy, our guard dog, hears him. He doesn’t bark, but he jumps off the bed and annoyingly […]



    Hi, friends! I’m looking for some hair dryer recommendations, and I’m hoping you guys might be able to help me out! A few years ago, Mal bought me a fancy ionic hairdryer, but instead of it making my hair sleek and smooth, it makes my hair frizzy. I know. It’s suppose to do just the opposite, […]


    The Old Irish Goodbye

    August 25, 2014


    Hi, friends! Happy, happy, happy Monday to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Here’s a quick little recap of mine…             Left to right starting at the top: Kettlebells 4 Kids. The WOD was a lot of fun (and surprisingly challenging for just 8 minutes) and we got sweaty for a […]


    My Little Workout Buddy

    August 22, 2014

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    Q and I had a nice, sweaty workout this morning! I packed up all of our gear (my diaper bag now doubles as a workout bag) and drove to Southfield to do some running and walking together. When I was training for a half marathon last fall, I did a lot of my long runs […]


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    Hey, hey! Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday as well as a cool fundraiser that I am participating in this weekend and some delicious smoothie and juice recipes from my new book. Ok, here goes! 3:00 AM… Murphy is not a fan of early morning feedings, especially when he’s not the one being fed. […]