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    Good morning, friends! I enjoyed a fabulous Mother’s Day celebration with my family yesterday! It started, bright and early, pretty much as soon as Quinn woke up. I arrived home late from Mexico the night before and he was already in bed, so I couldn’t wait to see him. Plus, I had some maracas to […]


    Photo Dump IV

    May 11, 2015

    IMG_2104 (800x600)

    Hi, friends! I’m coming back from Mexico today, so, in the meantime, please enjoy a random mix of photos from my iPhone. I haven’t written one of these “photo dump” posts in quite a while, so I figured it was about time for another one! Quinn loves the rocks in our boot tray. At least once a […]


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    (“Dinosaur Happy, Dinosaur Sad” is from one of Quinn’s favorite books right now!) Hellooooo! I can’t believe I’m on a plane right now to Mexico… for an amazing, all-inclusive Cancun vacation… with my girlfriends… but without my family… on Mother’s Day weekend. Ooooh, I am feeling so many emotions right now. Mother’s guilt for sure. Ok, let’s rewind […]



    Hey, hey! Happy FRIDAY! I’m on my way to Mexico later today for a girls’ weekend, and I seriously cannot wait. I’m actually coaching a KFIT class this morning (eek!) since Kerrie is already in Mexico (waiting for me to drink tequila with her), so once that’s over, I am on vacation! Woohoo! Cancun, baby! Anyway, […]


    Fun-Filled Wednesday

    May 7, 2015


    Quinn and I had quite the busy day together. It was all fun stuff, but we were busy, busy, busy! After Quinn’s morning nap, we ran some errands and then took Murphy to the park, so we all could get a little exercise and enjoy the nice Spring weather. Related: We finally have leaves on […]


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    Good morning! How was your Cinco de Mayo? Did you do anything special? I actually celebrated Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day yesterday. Two holidays in one day! Yeehaw. My mom got her new living room furniture last week, so my sister and I went to check it out yesterday and it looked really great. My mom also painted the walls, […]


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    Hey, hey! It seems like you guys really enjoy my “slice of life” and “day in the life” posts, so I’m going to try to publish more of them on CNC. I like it when other bloggers share bits and pieces of their lives, so here’s a little look into my day yesterday! Quinn goes to […]