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    A quick hello! The glorious finish. Run happy Boston! Almost didn’t buy. (Glad I did.) Team Stonyfield brunch. Eggs, bacon, potatoes. Running blogger moms!!


    Soft Star Shoes

    Hello and happy Friday! Here we go with another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! Roo Moccasins – We are loving these Roo Moccasins from Soft Star Shoes. The company recently offered to send Quinn a pair and we already want to order more! Of course, they are adorable, but what’s really fun about them is that […]


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    Hello and happy Hump Day! How are things going where you are? Quinn and I just got back from a shopping adventure at Target. I know, we live an exciting life. Haha! But, seriously, now that we’re not snowed in anymore, Quinn and I have been getting out and about a lot more and having so much fun […]



    Hello, friends! Happy FRIDAY to you! I hope you’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend ahead! Here’s the next edition of What I’m Loving Lately. I missed last week’s post, so this one is jammed-packed with all sorts of fun stuff. ENJOY! This yellow cake with sprinkles – My goodness, holy yum. Someone please make […]


    A New Day In The Life X

    April 8, 2015


    Good morning! It’s time for another A New Day In The Life post. I originally planned to write one per month as a way to remember Quinn’s first year, but somehow I missed March. I guess it was a busy month, but isn’t that what happens with the baby book too? My sister told me […]


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    Good morning and happy Monday, friends! Did you have a nice Easter Sunday? Ours was great and it was an especially nice holiday because we spent it with family and also because it was Quinn’s first Easter. We went to my Grammie’s house for Easter brunch, which included all sorts of delicious food, including an Almond Cake […]


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    First things first: Brooks Lobster Launch 2! OMG, THESE SHOES! There are LOBSTERS on them. Lobsters! BOSTON lobsters! I am so in love. Recreated to represent the spirit of the famed race, the Lobster Launch 2 features patterned imagery of the lobster and a blue ocean midsole as an ode to the Atlantic Ocean that banks […]