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    My wonderful and amazing sister turned 33 years old young today! (I still think it’s sort of crazy that we both have kids now! Haha!) Q and I drove out to Kimball Farm to celebrate with her along with my mom, grandmother, and aunt. Q was all smiles today, especially when he saw Grammie! Lunch […]



    Hi, friends! How was your Labor Day weekend? We had a really nice one. In fact, it was probably the most fun I had all summer! On Saturday morning, Mal, Q, and I drove to New Hampshire for our friends’ wedding. They got married at a summer camp, so the majority of their guests stayed on-site […]


    We Had a Busy Weekend

    August 11, 2014

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    The Hauperts had quite a busy weekend! From Friday afternoon until Sunday evening, we were go-go-go and it was kind of awesome, especially since the beginning of the summer was so low-key for us. I’m glad that things are getting back to (a new) normal and we have a social life again. And it seems like Q enjoyed […]



    Six years ago today, I married my best friend, who also just happens to be a handsome devil. Lucky me! To celebrate our anniversary, Mal and I got all dressed up this afternoon, left Q with his Mimi and Papi, and went out to lunch together. Last week, the nice folks from Caffe Tosca invited me to lunch, so […]


    4th of July Weekend

    July 7, 2014


    Hi, friends! How was your 4th of July weekend? Mine was really nice. Mal, Q, Murphy, and I spent it at my in-law’s house, so there was lots of quality family time and plenty of fun. And, of course, all sorts of delicious eats! The Hauperts do it right when it comes to food! FRIDAY My in-laws […]



    Mal, Q, Murphy, and I finally got out of the house this weekend! Hooray! Since I’m breastfeeding and Q eats every 1-3 hours, I’m basically on his schedule, which means we’ve stuck close to home since he was born (except for a couple of trips to the park and the pediatrician). Mal and I were both feeling […]


    My Baby Shower

    April 8, 2014

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    My baby shower was so fun! My sister, mom, and aunts did such a nice job with everything. They definitely made it a special day for me! My shower was alphabet-themed, so there were all sorts of adorable decorations: baby blocks, strings of letters, and little signs labeling all of the different foods and drinks. […]