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    Good morning, friends! Do you want to run the Chicago or New York City Marathon this year, but, unfortunately, didn’t get into the lottery? Well, don’t you fret. There’s a way that you can still run either of these sold out races. Any first-timer marathoners out there? Yes? Both of these marathons are great for […]



    Hi, friends! How’s it going? It’s time for another Monday In Meals post where I recap a day of my meals and snacks from, well, Monday. After some Sunday food prep, I tend to eat healthier at the beginning of the week, so I figured my eats might be good inspiration. Plus, CNC started out as […]


    Run + Swing Workout

    April 10, 2016


    Hello and happy Sunday to you! I just wanted to share the hotel workout that I did last week when I was in Los Angeles. It was definitely a fun one because it combined running with three different strength movements for a full body workout. I used a double grip medicine ball because that’s what the gym had on hand, but […]



    Woohoo! I survived the 2016 CrossFit Open! Holy hell, I’m glad it’s over. It was a long 5 weeks and my body needs a break. Well, actually, I just want to get back to my normal routine. The Open took so much out of me, I barely worked out since it started. I was too sore after […]



    Good morning! I receive a lot of questions from readers related to weight loss, so I decided it was time to write a post about what I do when I want to “get it together” with my diet and lose a few pounds. I generally eat healthy, but there are plenty of times when I have a […]



    Hey, hey! Are you in the market for a new pair of running shoes, but don’t know what to buy? Well, Brooks can help with their online Shoe Finder. It works like magic, but it’s rooted in the best running science to date. Stride Signature is the new idea that there is no right or wrong way to run, except your […]


    What I’m Loving Lately 59

    February 26, 2016


    Hi, friends! It’s Friday and you know what that means: Time for another edition of What I’m Loving Lately! Here we go… here’s what I’m loving lately! Wavy hair – It takes me forever to blow dry my hair, so lately I’m wearing it wavy to save time and sanity. I just spray in leave-in conditioner (to […]