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    Year In Review {2013 Goals}

    December 30, 2013


    Heyyyyy! How’s your Monday going so far? I still can’t believe the new year is a little more than a day away. 2013 flew by, didn’t it? It was an awesome year for me, and I can only imagine what the future holds. Here’s to 2014 being the best year yet! Ok, time to revisit […]


    First Trimester Recap

    December 17, 2013


    I am so excited to write this recap. I can’t believe my first trimester is over, and I’m already midway through week 16. Crazy. Time flies! Ok, let’s get right to it. First things first: belly pics! BELLY PICS I actually didn’t start taking belly pics until my first trimester was almost over because not […]



    Good morning! Happy Tuesday! Snack Before CrossFit last night, I snacked on a juicy orange as well as a frosted sugar cookie (because those things are so darn good). Workout At CrossFit, we worked on Back Squats and then went right into the WOD, which was killer. It was unbroken Thrusters, which, of course, are […]


    2013 falmouth road roace

    Falmouth is still my favorite road race! I had such a blast yesterday! Around 8:30 yesterday morning, Jess and I arrived at the runner drop-off area to take a bus to the start of the race in Woods Hole. When first I saw the lines for the buses, I was like oh, crap, this is […]


    Link Love

    July 18, 2013

    link love

    Hi, friends! I hope you are enjoying the day so far. Just wanted to share some of the links I’ve been loving lately! My Health Transformation – Against All Grain With Weekly Exercise, Time Trumps Frequency – Health Sad Dog Diary* – YouTube 8 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Wine – The Nest Why I […]



    Hi, friends! Happy Tuesday! Let’s get right to it! Breakfast Yesterday started with a glass of freshly pressed juice. Oh, how I love green juice! In the mix: spinach, kale, carrots, apple, cucumber, celery, ginger, and watermelon. (Here are the approximate measurements, minus the lemon + watermelon.) Then, I whipped up a French Toast Breakfast […]



    Good morning! Happy Hump Day! Breakfast Yesterday, I started my day with my favorite breakfast of the moment: peanut butter and banana on gluten-free toast with freshly pressed green juice. I would honestly eat this breakfast every day if I could! Delish! While I was eating breakfast, I read this month’s issue of Health and […]