• Hi, friends!

    I’m looking for some hair dryer recommendations, and I’m hoping you guys might be able to help me out!

    A few years ago, Mal bought me a fancy ionic hairdryer, but instead of it making my hair sleek and smooth, it makes my hair frizzy. I know. It’s suppose to do just the opposite, but it doesn’t. I’ve tried all sorts of hair products, brushes, and techniques, but, no matter what I do, my hair still comes out all frizzy. You’d think it was just my hair, but when I blow dry it at hotels (or my in-law’s or friends’ houses) with a regular hairdryer, it always comes out looking so good. Not frizzy at all!

    I’ve dealt with my hairdryer for a few years now because Mal bought it for me, and I know he put a lot of time, effort, and thought into his gift. He always does his research before making a big purchase like this, so I feel bad that I want to replace it. I finally talked to him about it the other day, and he was totally cool with me wanting to get a new hairdryer, so now I am looking for recommendations!

    Do you like your hairdryer? Would you recommend it?  

    Some eats from yesterday…

    Breakfast: Shredded potatoes (cooked in bacon grease – oh yes!) with runny eggs, ketchup, and an iced coffee on the side.

    photo 1 (800x600) (2)

    Workout: 3 miles with Kerrie + CrossFit (5 rounds for time: 400 meter sprint + 50 meter Prowler Push).

    Post-WOD: White Chocolate Chip iced coffee from Marylou’s.

    photo 2 (10) (800x800)

    Lunch: Big salad with chicken, Pad Thai noodles, roasted sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, mustard, and creole seasoning (from a friend who was recently in New Orleans).

    photo 1 (3) (800x800)

    Afternoon snack: Zucchini slices with Spicy Pepper Jack from The Laughing Cow, edamame, and freshly ground pepper.

    photo 2 (3) (800x800)

    Afternoon fun: Playtime with Q, who was seriously rocking his “Blue Steel.”


    And celebrating National Dog Day with my favorite furry friend!


    Afternoon snack: Dark chocolate chunks (from Whole Foods in the baking aisle) + almonds.

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