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    Hi, friends! I have a delicious new frozen yogurt product to tell you about: Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls and they’re little bites of heaven. Oh, yes, they are.

    Stonyfield FroYo Pearls-92

    These little bites of heaven are frozen balls made with Stonyfield Organic Frozen Yogurt and WikiPearl Science. WikiPearl Science? Say what? Listen to this…

    Thirty years ago, Gary Hirshberg set out to make Stonyfield a sustainable business and he long dreamt of the day of truly sustainable packaging, where after you eat the yogurt, you eat the cup too! Stonyfield collaborated with the inventors of WikiPearl technology, Harvard professor Dr. David Edwards, and Cambridge-based company WikiFoods to create the Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt Pearls. They’re the first of their kind as well as a giant step towards Stonyfield’s sustainability goal.

    Stonyfield FroYo Pearls-86

    Ok, let’s talk about these Pearls…

    They are balls of decadent organic non-fat frozen yogurt wrapped in all-natural, edible skins—like that of a grape. They were actually inspired by how nature packages fruit. Very cool.

    Stonyfield FroYo Pearls-95

    The Frozen Yogurt Pearls come in four different flavors and, besides just being plain old delicious, they are portion-friendly and perfect for when you just want a bite of something sweet after dinner. They’re also melt- and mess-free, so you can just grab one from the freezer and enjoy. You don’t need a dish or spoon—just eat!

    Stonyfield FroYo Pearls-134

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