• November 2012

    Top 12 in 2012: November

    November 30, 2012

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    Another month flies by! I swear November was the quickest month yet. Maybe I just really wanted December and the holiday season to be here? Anyway, here are my favorite posts from the month! Butternut White Chocolate Chip Bars I cooked a big ol’ butternut squash on Sunday afternoon, so I’ve been sneaking it into […]


    Tina Necklace

    Check out my new Love Notes necklace! Gorgeous, right? I thought about getting “Never to Fart” on it… just kidding, I really didn’t, but I tried to think of something unique and different. I thought of a few things I liked, but I kept coming back to M + T, which you’ve probably seen on […]


    Pug Positions

    November 30, 2012


    Right before I fell asleep last night, I told Murphy he needed to become a “baguette.” He was curled up like a “croissant” and hogging the bed. Mal was almost asleep, so he muttered something about Murphy being a “croissant” and rolled over. He wasn’t surprised at all that I used bread to describe the […]



    Good afternoon! I hope you’re enjoying a lovely Thursday! Lunch Today’s lunch didn’t look pretty, but, dang, it was delicious. In the mix: mashed potatoes, pesto, ground beef, chopped asparagus, and steamed spinach. They were all leftovers, so I just nuked them in the microwave and then mixed them all together. It was SO good! […]



    Gooooooood morning! I started my day with a chilly morning run. When I headed outside, I saw frost on the grass! Brrrrr! I actually planned to go to CrossFit today, but my upper body was super sore from yesterday’s workout, so I switched it up with an easy 3-mile run. A bunch of you guys […]



    How do you like that post title? Ha! I couldn’t come up with a common topic/theme for this post, so I went with all of them. Hey, at least you know exactly what this post is about, right?  😉 After lunch yesterday, I had a craving for Sweet Potato Wedges with peanut butter, so I […]



    For the past several weeks, I’ve taken Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder after all of my workouts for post-workout recovery and to help heal the epithelial cells in my small intestine. (GNC sent me some Pro Performance L-Glutamine Powder as part of a program with Fitfluential.) When I visited my G.I. doctor a couple of weeks ago, […]