• Thursday, October 25, 2012

    I <3 Potatoes

    October 25, 2012


    Hi, friends!  It’s a beautiful fall day here in Massachusetts! Best season ever. Breakfast I woke up craving peanut butter this morning, so I whipped up a Sweet Breakfast Scramble with canned pumpkin and added a massive scoop of Teddie peanut butter to it… and then went back for an equally huge second scoop. I […]


    Something’s Missing

    October 25, 2012


    Oh my gosh, I ate the best snack yesterday afternoon: sliced banana with peanut butter and Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter. Holy crap, it was delicious. That is all. Workout I was feeling kind of mellow yesterday afternoon, so I nixed CrossFit and went to yoga instead. I guess I was just in a funk. Usually, […]


    GNC Probiotics Giveaway

    October 25, 2012


    Here’s your chance to win some probiotics from GNC and make your digestive system happy! A few weeks ago, my friends at GNC sent me a whole bunch of probiotics to try out. I’m already taking VSL#3 (recommend by my doctor) for my ulcerative colitis, so I’m all set in the probiotics department. I didn’t want […]