• Thursday, March 22, 2012

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    After breakfast this morning, I headed out to tackle a speed workout for my half marathon training. Sadly, it never happened. As I started out on my run, my hamstrings felt really tight, like an almost painful soreness. Usually, a mile warm-up and some stretching loosens me right up, and I’m good to go, but […]


    After my hour-long appointment with the Nutrition Response Testing (NRT) doctor, I had a lot to think about. Even though it seemed a little out there, I promised myself I’d keep an open mind about NRT, so I gave myself plenty of time to consider everything, do my own “research,” and bounce some ideas off of my husband, who […]


    More Happiness

    March 22, 2012

    Hello! Here’s another happy post for ya! In the past 24 hours, these three things put the biggest smile on my face. I hope they bring you some happiness, too! For the Pug Lovers OMG, pug puppies. I just can’t. The cuteness in this video is overwhelming. All I have to say is pug puppies […]