• Active Day & Savory Bread Pudding

    November 15, 2009

    Today was a really active day for me:

    • I took Murphy for an hour-long walk
    • I exercised/played at the EA Sports Fitness Lounge
    • I walked about 2 miles home from shopping downtown
    • I hit the gym for a lower body strength training workout

    I didn’t stop moving all day long! I’m surprised that I’m not in bed already!

    EA Sports Fitness Lounge

    My friend, Sarah (remember her from this video?), invited me to try out the new interactive home fitness products from EA Sports Active at their Fitness Lounge on Newbury Street this afternoon.

    Exercise and video games? Sounded fun to me! 😀


    The Fitness Lounge was pretty funky inside!

    IMG_0579.JPG IMG_0581.JPG

    I met Janel, Jessica, Elizabeth, and Sarah at the Fitness Lounge for an hour-long session. We learned all about the EA Sports Active and More Workouts and tried them firsthand.


    Of course, we really got into it! :mrgreen:




    The EA Sports Active workout was actually pretty tough. I didn’t expect it to be at all, but by the end, I was actually a little tired and sweaty! There were so many squat jumps and lunges! You could definitely get a decent workout from this program.

    For those of you that live in Boston, you can pop into the EA Sports Fitness Lounge for a free workout almost whenever you want. Just call ahead to make sure they have an opening. I’m almost positive Mal and I will be going in for a workout soon. We love competitive/dorky stuff like this– you should see us play Rock Band! 😉

    After my workout at the Fitness Lounge, I ran some errands downtown. I bought some Bare Minerals at Sephora and a new dress at Banana Republic– and then I walked home. I missed the bus and didn’t want to wait 30 minutes for the next one, so I whipped out my trusty iPhone and mapped my route home. The walk from Copley Square to my apartment was just 1.8 miles, so why not get some extra exercise? It was a gorgeous day, so I took advantage of the weather and hoofed it home. I was already in workout gear, so I picked up the pace and power walked.


    Ever since my first bite of Savory Pumpkin Bread Pudding at the Foodbuzz Festival, I have not been able to get the thought of it out of my head. It was THAT delicious. I mean, pumpkin bread pudding with Gruyere and sausage?!? Obviously, I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

    Tonight, I finally recreated Shannon’s masterpiece. However, I probably added a lot more Gruyere than the recipe called for! What can I say, I love cheese! :mrgreen:


    My Savory Pumpkin Bread Pudding tasted de-lic-ious! Mal loved the meal too, which actually surprised him because he’s not a big fan of pumpkin. The pumpkin flavor in this recipe is really subtle and not super sweet.


    I added some raw veggies to my plate for some extra nutrients. I’ve been slacking in the veggie department lately.


    There’s cookie dough on the agenda for dessert– scooped right from the package with a spoon. Heaven!

    I still haven’t written my Health post for the week, so I’m off to bust it out.

    Enjoy the evening!!!

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    Erin November 17, 2009 at 1:28 am

    Teen, it’s unrelated, but have I told you how proud I am of you? Just look at how much your blog has grown since you started. I just love it. It’s been awesome following you and seeing so many aspects of your life, not just what you eat.


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