• Mal and I have been busy around here lately and making some serious progress on our Baby To Do List. I’m feeling good about what we’ve accomplished so far, but we definitely still have quite a bit to do. Nothing major, but I just want to make sure we’re in good shape if Baby Haupert decides to come early. That said, here’s our current To Do list with 6 weeks to go!




    • Paint trim – we decided to hire someone to do it
    • Put together furniture
    • Buy dresser
    • Build wall library
    • Replace doorwe got a quote from a carpenter and he’s coming this weekend


    • Buy storage trunk for bedroom
    • Replace bedroom door – we got a quote from a carpenter and he’s coming this weekend
    • Set up home gym in basement it’s in the works!!
    • Organize kitchen
    • Organize bathroom cabinet
    • Create weekly chore list
    • Clean front porch
    • Repaint front door
    • Hire chimney sweep


    • Tour hospital – we scheduled a visit for next Sunday
    • Pre-register at hospital
    • Pack bag for hospital
    • Create labor playlist
    • Line up dog sitter


    • Create wills
    • Look into selecting a legal guardian for Baby H.
    • Put CrossFit membership on hold


    • Go out to a fancy dinner with Mal
    • Have a spa day
    • Buy nursing bras and/or tanks
    • Write baby shower thank you notes
    • Figure out time off from CNC and/or plan posts ahead of time


    • Add Baby Haupert to our health insurance plan
    • Look into setting up a college savings account
    • Make a baby weight loss plan

    Questions of the Day

    Anything else we should add?

    Moms, what were your final weeks of pregnancy like? Any advice?


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