• A New Day In The Life IV

    September 30, 2014

    Hi, friends!

    Here’s another A New Day in the Life post—a snapshot from yesterday!

    4:27 AM – I hear Quinn on the baby monitor (he’s sleeping in his room now) and then I look at the time on my phone—holy crap, he slept for 8 hours! He usually does stretches of 4-6 hours, so 8 is a victory for us! I feed Quinn.

    5:00 AM – I change Quinn’s diaper and plan to put him back to bed so I can sleep a little longer, but he has other plans for the day because he is laughing, kicking, and partying on his changing mat. Well, ok then. We are not going back to bed. I put Q in his lounger and pour myself a glass of iced coffee.

    5:05 AM – I Instagram an image for some Monday Motivation for my followers as well as myself. I was pretty bummed about the colitis stuff last week, and I noticed that my negative attitude was drifting into other parts of my life, so I’m really trying to be positive.

    photo 1 (14) (500x500)

    5:06 AM – I turn on the TV and open my laptop to start some work. Quinn plays in his lounger.

    photo 2 (13) (600x800)photo 3 (5) (600x800)photo 1 (15) (600x800)

    5:15 AM – Mal’s alarm goes off. Q starts to get fussy (hiccups), so we walk around the house and talk to Mal/Dad and Murphy.

    5:25 AM – Quinn’s hiccups finally go away. We sit on the couch together. I reply to emails.

    5:27 AM – I can hear Mal talking to Murphy in the kitchen. A couple of minutes later, he comes into the living room and tells me he thinks Murphy has another ulcer on his eye. Poor pug. The little guy is falling apart. I was actually planning to take Murphy to the vet later in the morning because we saw some blood in his urine on Sunday, so I make a mental note to ask the vet about his eye too.

    5:35 AM – Quinn is fussy again, so I pick him up and we walk around the house again.

    5:45 AM – Mal makes me (first) breakfast.

    photo (13) (800x600)

    6:00 AM – I put Quinn in his “spaceship” and he finally settles down. I put on some workout clothes (sneakers too!) and then eat a few bites of breakfast.

    6:05 AM – Q starts fussing again. His fussing turns into freaking out, so I try feeding him. Apparently, he was hungry again? I actually think his fussiness has something to do with his recent teething. Don’t babies typically nurse more to help with gum pain? Our little guy has two tiny teeth poking through his bottom gums, so maybe he just wanted a little relief/comfort?

    6:25 AM – Q falls asleep while eating. I put him in his lounger. I finish eating my breakfast.

    6:35 AM – Q wakes up. Cat nap. He wakes up happy and hangs out while I start my Health.com post for the week.

    6:55 AM – Mal leaves for school. Q starts to get fussy again (bipolar baby). I change his diaper and onesie. We walk, bounce, and sing around the house. We are having a rough morning.

    7:25 AM – Quinn’s fussiness once again turns into screaming and freaking out. I’ve tried all my usual tricks to calm him down, so I feed him again. He finally relaxes.

    7:40 AM – Q falls asleep, so I scoop him up and put him in his crib. I start this post and then work on my Health.com post again.

    8:30 AM – Q wakes up. He wants to eat again. Growth spurt? Teething?

    photo 1 (18) (800x600)

    9:05 AM – Quinn falls asleep. While he snoozes, I make and eat second breakfast. More eggs!

    photo 2 (12) (800x600)

    9:15 AM – I brush my teeth and then apply some RapidLash. <— FYI: This stuff is amazing and really works. Mal actually noticed my eyelashes the other day, and he never notices stuff like that! It’s also really affordable.

    photo 1 (17) (800x600)

    9:20 AM – Quinn wakes up. He’s in a much better mood. He plays on his playmat while I work on my Health.com post.

    9:40 AM – I fill out a Dietary Assessment for an IBD study at MGH.

    photo 2 (16) (800x600)

    10:00 AM – I make a batch of Espresso Blondies. Recipe on CNC soon!

    10:20 AM – Quinn is fussy again. I pick him up and walk around the house. He calms right down, but I know the second I put him in the lounger or on his mat, he’ll start to cry, so I take him outside. We bring in the trashcans and then talk about nature in the backyard. He continues to cry on and off.

    10:40 AM – Quinn’s crying eventually turns into freaking out again, so we eat.

    11:00 AM – Quinn falls asleep while eating, so I change my shirt, put on mascara, pack up his stuff, dress Murphy in his harness, and get us ready to leave the house.

    photo 3 (8) (800x600)

    11:15 AM – We arrive at Murph’s vet appointment.

    photo 4 (6) (800x600)

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