• Best of the Weekend II

    October 20, 2014

    Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was quite busy, but a whole lot of fun. Here’s a quick recap!


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    photo 5 (3) (640x640)photo 3 (15) (800x800)

    • I enjoyed a couple of cookie bites from Whole Foods, which were chocolate chip cookie shells filled with frosting. Amazing!
    • I went to a clothing swap. So fun! And, of course, I went home with mostly workout clothes. Haha!
    • I ate Buffalo Chicken Chili with blue cheese crumbles. Holy yum!


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    photo 4 (5) (800x800)photo 1 (17) (800x800)

    • Quinn wished Grandma a “happy birthday” with a special sign that I helped him make.
    • My favorite little workout buddy and I went for a glorious 4.5-mile run/walk with the stroller.
    • I had a Chipotle burrito + wine for dinner. The best.

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    Sweat It Out {Weekly Workouts}

    October 19, 2014
    fall running workouts with stroller

    Heyyyyy! Just checking in with a recap of my workouts from the past couple of weeks. Quinn and I got in some quality time in with the jogging stroller! WEEK OF OCTOBER 5TH Sunday: Off Monday: Crossfit Strength Back Squat: 5-3-1-5-3-1. Rest 2:00 between sets. (I worked my way up to #145) *Wave loading. The […]

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    Double Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookies + Skinnytaste Cookbook Giveaway

    October 17, 2014
    Double Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies (617x800)

    Hi, friends! Happy (Cookie) Friday! Let’s kick off the start of the weekend with a delicious cookie recipe and a fun giveaway! Are you ready? Yes?!? Ok, let’s do it! Double Chocolate Chunk Walnut Cookies Makes 24 cookies I’ve done some crazy, unconventional things in baking, but using avocados in place of butter may just […]

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    6 Reasons Why I Love the Jawbone UP24 (& Why You Might Too)

    October 16, 2014
    photo (11)

    This post is sponsored by Jawbone, but I loved this fitness tracker long before I connected with the nice people there, and I am more than happy to write this review. Get ready for me to totally geek out! I’ve used the Jawbone UP24 for 4.5 months now, so, not surprisingly, I have a lot […]

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    A New Day In The Life V

    October 15, 2014

    Hi, friends! Here is another edition of A New Day In The Life, a little snapshot into our days. I really enjoy writing these posts, and I love looking back to see what life was like with Quinn even just a couple of months ago. It’s crazy how quickly things change with a baby. Ok, here we […]

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    Exciting News: I’m Running the 2015 Boston Marathon with Team Stonyfield

    October 14, 2014

    Heyyyyyy! I just wanted to share a quick recap of this morning before I tell you some really exciting news. My day started with scrambled eggs and home fries (olive oil + Montreal Steak Seasoning) with ketchup. Side note about the home fries: Mal went grocery shopping this past weekend and there was a little confusion with the list […]

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    Photo Dump III

    October 14, 2014
    photo 5 (5) (600x800)

    Hi, friends! I haven’t done a Photo Dump post in over a year now, so I figured it was time for another one. Plus, I need to free up some space on my iPhone because I can’t take any new photos! Gahhhhh! Anyway, without further ado, here are some random pics from my iPhone! Enjoy! […]

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